MFM Usage
The video selection process is supported by Garbage, Existing and Wish lists. Items are colored so that you can concentrate on the difference between the collections. Items to be processed can be selected from the lists, which have been previously generated by MFM, without the presence of the actual files. Additional information about the items can be searched on IMDb. After the selection has been done, MFM can be connected to the hard disks and the actual processing started. Items that do not need to be considered can be erased from the Import list because MFM is designed so that the Import list can be scanned in again quite fast or reloaded. MFM does not rename, delete or modify any files, just copy or move them.
MFM is designed to work together with or beside several other programs... See the MFM Usage and Installation section for details about their usage, installation, and setup. For more details about the usage of third party programs please consult the corresponding user manuals. The best way is to split the screen into two halves, put MFM on the left-hand side and the other program on the right-hand side. Drag windows on their title bar, either to the left or to the right edge, to automatically resize the window to half of the screen.
Here are some explanations about terms and how they are used in conjunction with MFM... A Collection Type is the main type of the items which you want to process at this moment. An Item is the sum of combined files belonging to a name. A List is a collection of items with similar properties. Names are reduced and standardized, to make it easier to match items. Items are shown in the lists. A Drop Area is an area where you can drop an item or items to perform various actions on them. An Episode Identifier is the part of the files name which tells MFM which episode is a file in which season of a series.
When you change the collection type or exit MFM, MFM will ask you if it should save changed lists to your hard disk. There is no undo function in MFM, so save your lists from time to time and if something goes wrong just discard the recent changes.
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