Movie File Merger helps you with the selective combination of video collections, like home videos, movies, series, or documentaries. It can be used also for other types of collections, like music, or basically any files, but MFM is optimized for videos. MFM is portable so that you can run it from anywhere, on any hard disk or memory stick, or even in Dropbox, which makes it easier to share lists with other people. MFM works together with multiple other programs, like FileBot, GOM, VLC, Firefox or TeraCopy. All of them can be downloaded and used for free on the MFM Downloads website.
![MFM Lists](MFM Lists.gif)


MFM is designed so that the lists can be easily updated once out of date. Some examples of what you can do with MFM are:
  • Select which videos are copied or moved
  • Select the videos to copy beforehand
  • Distribute lists over the internet
  • Copy only relevant videos in the Wish list
  • Ignore videos in the Existing and Garbage lists
  • Select movies according to predefined genre lists from IMDb
  • Select videos according to regular expressions
  • Search for information about movies or series on the web
  • Search for downloads of videos on the web
  • View video media information in the pop-ups when hovering over a list entry
  • Select videos according to filtered media information
  • Play the video with your default player
  • Scan all connected hard disks for collections (Just Scan It)
  • Copy everything, what is missing and not garbage, from the Import folder (Just Rip It)
For more information have also a look at How to Organize Videos on Your Hard Disks.

Hidden Benefits

MFM is designed so that it is quite flexible. How and for what to use it depends basically on you, what means also that you'll have to use it for some time to figure out which way is best for you. Some of the not that obvious benefits are:
  • Back up your video collections on hard disks of family members, that way they can watch your videos and you safe space
  • Social gathering when visiting your friend, because your two hard disks have to be brought together to make it happen
  • Save internet bandwidth, because large data quantities are moved over USB or similar
  • Faster than backing up in the cloud, transferring data over USB 3.0 is around 150MB/s

About This Manual

The MFM Usage section explains how to work with MFM and frequent used third-party programs. The installation of all recommended programs is explained in the Installation section.
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